The Council of Governing Boards (CGB) is a CICU affiliate, founded with the mission of organizing the trustees of New York’s private, not-for-profit colleges and universities to advocate for policies that benefit the entire Independent Sector.  

Trustees’ voices are crucial to the success of higher education. Working together with trustees from around the state, CGB aims to: 

  • Promote affordable access and enhanced choices to all students of New York’s colleges and universities and to ensure equity and inclusion; 
  • Highlight opportunities for social mobility among economically and educationally disadvantaged populations in all sectors of higher education; 
  • Encourage public investment in Independent Sector education; 
  • Inspire continued productivity, research, and public service contributions of New York’s Independent Sector of higher education; 
  • Protect the broad diversity of institutions of higher education to guarantee academic freedom, stimulate innovation, and propel healthy competition; and 
  • Protect the high quality and strong academic standards to Independent Sector colleges. 

CGB works to provide participating trustees with best practices and opportunities for discussion of issues facing Boards of Trustees.  

Chair of the Council of Governing Boards: Michael Cassidy, Maria College Trustee

Council of Governing Boards Executive Director: Tom Schnurr

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